Here Comes Trouble

What happens when a drunk/feisty/chola and a free-spirited/hippie/stoner chick are friends??? You get a lot of action-packed, fudge-packed, prison-sentencing, dead hooker discovering, girls-gone-wild of a time.
ChiChi Pussyculo and Chonga Bonga pack a punch and a gun, so don't fuck with them.
Kick it and see what develops (on your genitals).


High Stoners!!!

Its THC TUESDAY and we are pleased to bring you the first episode of our groovy new series called LIFE LESSONS. As you know ChiChi and I are required to fulfill 8,000 hours of community service and we've decided to do it by discussing where we went wrong in life so that you don't have to go down that road... or down on that officer. Also, we've recorded multiple episodes so that we can bring you a new show EVERY TUESDAY! Yup, that's a brand-spanking-new-motha-fuckin episode EVERY TUESDAY. They won't just be LIFE LESSONS either, we have lots of things planned for the coming months including: LIFE LESSONS, INSIDE CHONGA, CONFESSIONS OF A CHOLA, LIVE SHOWS and the music video for our new song SMOKING CHRONIC. No, we haven't been tweaking! We're just super focused okay??? So enjoy your first lesson in life!

Go Green,
Chonga Bonga


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