Here Comes Trouble

What happens when a drunk/feisty/chola and a free-spirited/hippie/stoner chick are friends??? You get a lot of action-packed, fudge-packed, prison-sentencing, dead hooker discovering, girls-gone-wild of a time.
ChiChi Pussyculo and Chonga Bonga pack a punch and a gun, so don't fuck with them.
Kick it and see what develops (on your genitals).

Thing 1 and Thing 2 ........... Miss Thing

Hey culitos!!!! Okay so we have been like so my god busy. Many many many things to blog about!

Let's GO!!

Oct 11th was Saturn presents MURDER! Which went off well, so much fun! Artmis Chase was feeling under the weather, so thankfully Fannie Mae Darling stepped in and things went off with a bang!

Oct 13th was Miss Thing: Halloqween! Congrates to the winner Feyonce, featuring the deathly duo The Tampon Troupe!! Our own shared hollucination. ChiChi did a spooky number to Bauhaus in the style of Night Of The Demons.

Oct 15th was P.S.U Coming Out Day. We did a few numbers and Exstacy Inferno performed as well. Amazing!! Sister Love!

Oct 16th was Maricon @ the Matador. Thanks to Dj Moisti for hooking us up.

Oct 17th was Dirty Porno Bingo. It got pretty raw when this guy whipped out his balls. Then we played truth or dare, and this girl dared her boyfriend to strip!! It was ..... Well I hope you come by and play with us some time.

Oct 23th was MILK, held at Red Cap Garage. A monthly dance party of "HOTTNESS". Even though it's real cold in the northwest.

Oct 29th was Mary's Haunted Opening, it was the grand opening of Hamburger Mary's Portland. It was packed and spooky. Everyone was in costume and we had a super Amazing show which we hosted and performed in.

Oct 30th we had BENT and SNAP! and Damned House Party!! Busy, Fun and SPOOKY. Danced all night and then forgot the rest......

Oct 31st HALLOWEEN, we played a show at the Havana in Seattle, Night Riot. Kevin Kaur puts on a hell of an event. Vintage Youth, Jinx Monsoon, Lisa Dank, Dj Riff-Raff and so many more talented people. We met Lisa Dank, we are huge fans and now friends. Google her!!!

Nov 9th at TuBE was 4Lokas with Holla n Oats. Wicked show and we killed IT!!

Nov 14 Dirty Tampon Bingo with Tampon Troupe. Bloody Porno Bingo.

Nov 19th The Miss Thing Pageant. Big Congrats to the winner Sally Ingus Wilder, we following her ass to TrannyShack San Fransisco....

Nov 22nd Original Queer Night at Mississippi Studios.  Magic Mouth played a great set and then .... The death of the Tampons!!! SHOCKING!!!

Nov 27th MILK & HUNNY it was really fun and we made such a splash.

Dec 3rd Homomentum Snowpocolypse - The show was amazing and we had so much fun getting everyone all warmed up!!

(SIGH) Finally, that recap was fucking long okay. I'm glad your still here, I tried to keep it short, but moving on.We promise not to stay away for long and try to update sooner, so the THC doesn't kill those memories before we remember them. For pic and videos check out our youtube and facebook. Fuck this I'm tired........ Here!!!
ChiChi Pussyculo
P.M.S. - Here's the link to the video of our Miss Thing performance that got us 2nd place.....

So, this was half ass, but who the fuck are you calling half ass?!?!?!

Police Report Update

Hey Perras!!!
 Okay so like me and Chonga have been like soo busy, so many things going on. I LOVE IT! We been working real hard, so we can get off probation, cuz I don't know about you, but I don't like people watching me, all the time. It's hard to eat, shower, or take a shit! So now it's time for another
Police Report Update:
We earned some community service hours by helping do hard labor and serve food at Oasisba Asian Fusion Restaurant. We'll be back soon to rack in some more hours from them.
We also did a Public Service Announcement at Blow Pony! We did "The Donkey Show! - The Dangers of Partying Hard!"
We went to Barracuda and got down with it, after being part of The Cascade Projects' AIDS Walk. Spat some shit and did what we always do, lay it down, it was so much fun.

Then, this past Thursday was the Portland premiere of our short film WELFARE AIDS! The night was a success with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the AIDS WALK FUND. A huge hug and a big bong hit to everyone who helped and supported this great cause. We had an awesome set that started with Galang.... Here's the Videos...

The other videos are online with the rest of our Parole Videos.

If you're looking for us you can find us at Hamburger Mary's. We've been doing some work there and helping out Mary with some stuff. We love her, cuz she has Power!!!! She can sign off on Community Service Hours!!!! Our probation officer will be proud, so come by cuz they be OPEN!!!
Which brings me to ...... dat da dada!!! The Grand Opening, AKA Mary's Haunted Opening, it will be held on October 29th. It's a costume party and participation is a must! Don't be boring, you wont get in, and I wanna see you. It's going to be a huge PARTY! We host the show with amazing performances by Portland's own Mary, Tamra Scanlan, Fannie Mae Darling and The Tampon Troupe. Plus lots of fun games and tons of prizes. Bring your second liver in your purse. Costume Contest for the funniest, the scariest, and the Maryiest. FYI All the MARYS take a group photo and get a surprise! SHHH, It's Spookylicious, I'm so excited.

Now for the things we WILL be charged with later this in OCTOBER>>>>>>
Monday Oct 11th is Saturnalia at Someday Lounge. MURDER!!!! Come help solve this murder mystery. Who could it be? Colonel Mustard?, The Rose City Shimmies?, ChiChi and Chonga? or That old lady that lives with all those CATS!?!! Help Saturn find out who killed her husband, in MURDER!! With special guest performance by Kim Edinger and Artemis Chase as ADDICTION!
Then, Friday Oct 15 we will be at PSU doing some college students, but then we'll perform for National Coming Out Day. Come, come out, we love it when you come.
Saturday, Oct 16 we head down to Maricon at the Matador for a special treat.
Saturday, Oct 23 we will be at Milk, getting our cookies all soft.
Saturday Oct 30 we do a scarifying show at BENT! HALLOWEEN then heading over to Holocene for SNAP! HALLOWEEN 90's Diva Fierceness and then to my tia Gula's house to party is uuuup!!!

Let me tell you about our Sundays, you see the seventh day God rested but ChiChi and Chonga.... THEY GOT DIRRTY!!!
Every Sunday (except for Halloween) we do service work for like churches and stuff. So we have been assigned to Boxx's Where we host DIRTY PORNO BINGO, for all the horny people who like to win free porn. See this "church" isn't filled with crazy people who spit shit, NOPE its filled with CREAM lots of sexy nasty porno loving people. Lots of prizes to give away. Sponsored by BOXXES/Red Cap, Fat Fancy, Big Ass Sandwiches, Cuts For QUEERS and US!


Hola Putos,

It's me again, everyone's favorite ChiChi, HEY!! Okay so there have been so many many things going on with me and Chonga. So PEEP SHOW was a fucking blast, we had so much fun and the place was packed like a fat bowl of kush!!! Pandora Boxx is so cool in person, one of the nicest bitches I've met, well next to Artemis Chase, The Hostess with The Mostess. The Following night was Miss Thing: Disco Ball, where we were guest judges (Nobody Judge Nobody!!), Big Up to all the performers and the winner, Little Tommy Bang Bang, who channeled Richard Simons and the Village People. FUN!! Nico Bella's Saturday Night Fever performance was sooooo ........ Sexual. In the wise words of Jerry Blank, "I'm as moist as a snack cake down there". Okay so, oh my got, we had such an awesome rehearsal with Magic Mouth for the set we'll be doing for the NOT ENOUGH QUEER MUSIC FESTIVAL. I love Queers!!! You have to come see us.... "Put Your MAGIC MOUTH on my CHICHI AND CHONGA" ..... I love our band title! Okay, who wants some Ecstacy? Come to the grand opening of CANDY SHOP, Ecstacy Inferno's night of sweetness, where we will be doing a on stage three-way!! Who wants so see ChiChi and Chonga put some Ecstacy in their mouths?!?!

OH OH, I wanted to let everyone know that we just got added to the PORTLAND SUMMER SHOWCASE line up. So we'll be doing a set at the music festival. I'm so excited and grateful to be put in it, I love it when they put it in!! Us!

Okay so horny kidos, Make sure to stay tuned for more to come. We'll be bring you more information on the GRAND OPENING of Mary's Legs, That's HAMBURGER MARY'S PORTLAND!!! YAY We will be bringing you an awesome show, so make sure you friend Mary on Facebook!! Tell her ChiChi and Chonga sent you!! Stay Tuned.

      ChiChi and Chonga

Booked To The Nines

High Pervs!!!!

It's that time again, we have performances up the wahzoo coming up and we know that you all wanna go. We are so happy to be here in Portland with so many creative people around. We're gonna have a shit ton of chances for you to catch us in person all over town. First off there's PEEP SHOW with special guest Pandora Boxx on September 7th followed by MISS THING: THE DISCO BALL with Heklina of Trannyshack on September 8th. You can get $5 tickets for Miss Thing HERE. After a short little break we will do more back to back performing at the opening of CANDY SHOP hosted by the amazing Ecstacy Inferno on September 18th followed by a performance at NOT ENOUGH: A QUEER MUSIC FESTIVAL on September 19th! The show at NOT ENOUGH is going to be off the chain as we will be performing several songs with our new friends Magic Mouth. This is the first time we've ever performed with a live band... does this make us rock stars? I hope so! After these four shows we will also be at PSU for their yearly drag show on September 24th. Moving on to the next month, we have already confirmed two shows for October. We will headline over at CAFETERIA with DJ Lunchlady held at Vendetta on October 28th. Then we will have the most kick ass show you'll see all year when we perform at HOLOCENE on October 30th!!! This one is gonna blow your fucking mind when we hit the stage with DJ Freaky Outy for a one off performance of a classic like you've never seen or heard before.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fiya! We don't need no water, LET THE MOTHA FUCKA BURN!

We better see all you stoners dancing at these amazing shows. Much love.

ChiChi and Chonga

Give 'Em All You Got!

High Stoners!

We are extremely proud to announce that today our short film WELFARE AIDS is premiering at the T/G Film Festival presented by Trans Giving at 7:30 PM. This is going to be an amazing show with entries from Calpernia Addams, Andrea James, Wu Tsang, Shawna Virago and many, many more! Come on out and help make this festival the event it SHOULD be. Big ups to all our T/G homies out there!

Now, we are also extremely proud to post this clip of ChiChi and Chonga performing SHOOP by Salt-N-Pepa at MISS THING: I LOVE THE 90's. Thank you to everyone who came out and cheered for us, we had such a wicked time. We love you!!

Stay High!

   ChiChi and Chonga


High Stoners!

Can we just say that Portland is fucking amazing! we have been having the time of our lives performing here. Our last performance at Mississippi Studio's new bar, BarBar for the opening of The Original Queer Night was a huge success. We performed our new single SMOKING CHRONIC and GALANG by M.I.A. it was our first time doing GALANG and everyone was high off the vibe. Check out the slideshow at the bottom. We'll be posting videos of the entire set very soon so stay close! Because of our recent performances around Portland, our new homie and blogger Byron Beck has written a very kind post about the event over on Check it out and subscribe!

Now, if you haven't caught us here in Portland look out for PEEP SHOW on Sept. 7th hosted by the beautiful Artemis Chase, featuring Pandora Boxx. The next day we'll be performing and judging at MISS THING: The Disco Ball Sept. 8th! Keep up to date on the latest ChiChi and Chonga news and events by subscribing over on your right.

Stay Brown!

    ChiChi and Chonga


Hi Homosexiness!!!

Last night's Contest to find Portland's Mary was fantastic and we had a wickedly awesome time performing for the wonderful crowd. A big shout out to Darcelle XV Showplace and Poison Waters for having us! Pics and video soon to come.

Today is actually the soft opening of The Original Queer Night at Mississippi Studio's new bar, BARBAR - with DJ HUFNSTUF and DJ LUNCHLADY. Which one do you think has the better soft opening? The doors open at 9 PM, the show begins at 11 PM and its free! Get there early for $5 Golden Knee Pads and $1.50 PBR! Bring quarters too because ChiChi's catchin' em with her thigh muscles ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

Don't Forget about our upcoming events! For instance, PEEP SHOW on Sept. 7th with special guest PANDORA BOXX. Also, MISS THING: THE DISCO BALL on Sept. 8th where we'll be performing and judging the competition with the hostess with the most tits, Heklina. Oh and we'll be be back for the MISS THING PAGENT on Nov. 19th so stay tuned. Let's not neglect to mention CANDY SHOP on Sept. 18th hosted by the delicious ECSTACY INFERNO, where we'll be doing a wickedly, sinfully-sweet performance with a special treat for everyone but you'll have to come to see what tasty morsels we have in store. Check us out at the opening of HAMBURGER MARY'S PORTLAND, and we might just put on a little show for you...

Stay Brown!

ChiChi and Chonga, spice in the white rice...

Here I go, here I go, here I go again!!!

High Stoner Booties!

Do I have an update for you, first off, MISS THANG, I LOVE THE 90's was a huge success and WE WON!!!! We had such an amazing time with all the performers, judges and the wonderful, drunk crowd. You guys are all fucking awesome and we love you as much as a freshly rolled blunt. Mmmmm, blunt. This means you can catch us at MISS THANG in September, performing and judging the competition (don't look at us like that, we know you judge too). The competition is hosted by the legendary HEKLINA of TRANNYSHACK so you know its awesomely great. This also means that ChiChi and Chonga are going to be competing for the title of MISS THANG at the end of the year. Hold on to your bud cause these bitches are blazin'.

      Next in the way of performances, this Sunday Aug. 22nd ChiChi and Chonga will be at "FIND PORTLAND'S MARY" as special guest performers along with other wickedly awesome acts. This event is to help promote the opening of Hamburger Mary's Portland. Its being held at DARCELLE XV SHOWPLACE and its hosted by the hilarious POISON WATERS. Check out the flyer and come dressed as Mary for wonderful prizes.

Alright, we need to let you know about the next PEEP SHOW in September with special guest PANDORA BOXX!!! Pandora is as funny as they come and we're so excited to get to perform in the same show as her. As you know PEEP SHOW is hosted by the groovy ARTEMIS CHASE and its the 1st Tuesday of every month, this show just gets better and better. PEEP SHOW is held at THE RED CAP GARAGE on SW Stark St.

NO, NO, NO, We're not stopping just yet, there is great news this month for all our Los Angeles fans... The premiere of our short film WELFARE AIDS! The short will be showing at the TRANS/GIVING FILM FESTIVAL in L.A. on August 28th at 7:30 P.M. All the films from the festival screen at The Renberg Theatre and tickets are sold at the door. Please come make this event the huge success it should be! Our apologies for not being able to attend, we were originally scheduled to perform before our move to Portland but we promise to come back and play Los Angeles during our West Coast Tour... more on that later.

Our listing is on the lower right hand side of the flyer @ 7:30 P.M. AHUGETHANKYOU to Giorgio Bertuccelli and Kalil Cohen for helping us make this a reality.  We really could not have done this without the two of you.  ;) Also next moth, the two of us will be performing at the opening of CANDY SHOP, a Hip-Hop odyssey hosted by the kick-ass, ghetto fabulous, MISS THANG FEBRUARY, Ecstasy Inferno. Keep an eye out and tell all your friends to remember the date, SEPTEMBER 18th.

Alright, the time we've all been waiting for... the debut performance of our first single SMOKING CHRONIC!!!!!!! We just got the video from Artemis and its smokin' hot, hot, hot. Don't forget to check us out this Sunday at Darcelle's @7 P.M. We'll be back with another post about the show... stay high.

ChiChi and Chonga

Peep This

High Stupidassobiches,

Ok, oh  my god I have like so many things to catch you up on. (ChiChi Takes A Deep Breath).

Okay, so you know how we performed "Escape From East L.A." on Aug. 3rd @ PEEP SHOW hosted by Artemis Chase, it's at The Red Cap Garage, in Portland. Anyways, so now there's this video going around of Chonga and I... you got to see it, or else...

That shit was so fun! Umm, where was I? Okay so you got to subscribe and stay posted for the live performance of our up and coming single, "Smoking Chronic". The video should be up real soon, so stay close!

Whatelse? Oh yeah, duhm!

We also performed at Saturnalia, hosted by Saturn. It's a competition and I'm pleaseded to say that I, ChiChi Pussyculo, am the winner of Saturnalia Aug 9th 2010. Thank you culos.  The video of my performance to "Hip Hop Change" by Crookers Featuring Rye Rye, will be posted up very soon. Don't go nowhere putos! It was so much fun and we met like really cool people. Here's these damn pictures of us...

OH and don't let me forget to tell you about Miss Thang, also with Artemis Chase and Heklina. It's a competition to fight to the death and see who comes out the sole winner of Miss Thang I Love The 90's!!! AHHHHHHH!!! Pues! Chonga and I are going to kick it Old Skool like Salt N Pepa!! Stay turned for the release of that performance and to find out who is crowned Miss Thang I Love The 90's!!!!!

Re-Cap The RedCap

Hola putos! Peep Show at the Red Cap Garage was a huge hit. Chonga and I had such a good time, the experience was like the day after you get out of prison, you know? Okay, so, there was like so many cool, cute, and fucking nice, people that we met. Thank yous to everybooty who came out to support, or came out and stumbled into us, or those who just came out! As you know California's prop 8 has been repealeded and that's some good shit form my ears to hear, cuz so what if they're gay, or black, or a women, or anything they want to be, that shit ain't up to nobody or their gods! Okay so back to Peep Show. We did our city wide disclaimer, "Escape from East L.A.", I think people really likeded it, I knew they were totally into it cuz they looked Fuckin' scared. Then we performed our soon to be single, "Smoking Chronic" (stay posted for the video footage). After the show we met tons of new homies. Everyone was so nice and said they really enjoyed us. I special shot out to all the talented people that performed, it was so nice to meet you. Also Artemis Chase, for putting everything together. Ms. Saturn, who offered us a gig in her show Monday. Got to get to work on that ASSAP :o. So welcome to the new homies, and thanks for the support of all the Homies!! We love you asses! Here's some really fun, really cutie, really "Oh My God, is that Illegal?" - photos! Enjoyness!!
ChiChi Pussyculo
(that's me!)


Portland Debut

High Stoners!!!

Man, are we super sad today!!! Some terrible person left a can of Aquanet hairspray onstage when Pandora Boxx was performing and she's been injured and won't be able to attend this month's Peepshow at The Red Cap. In better news, this means ChiChi and Chonga are going to be featured this month! Check it out

Cool eh? Thanks to the wonderful Artemis Chase, ChiChi and Chonga will be featured and will be performing the new single SMOKING CHRONIC!! Grab your blunts, bongs and bud because this is gonna be bomb. Check out Red Cap on Facebook.


High Stoners,

ChiChi and Chonga are back in action! We're all moved in to our new apartment and its crazy awesome here. The people are really nice and the beer here is like nectar of the gods... if there were gods. Anyway we're super excited to tell you that we'll be performing on August 3rd at PEEP SHOW hosted by Artemis Chase, PEEP SHOW is held at The Red Cap Garage in Portland. Not only will this be our first Portland performance but it's also the first live performance of our new single SMOKING CHRONIC!! So bring your blunts, bud and bongs because we're gonna leave the house blazin'! A huge shout out to the wonderfully sweet and talented Artemis Chase for this amazing opportunity. We were lucky enough to catch PEEP SHOW this last Tuesday and let us tell you... you're in for a treat.

Go Green,
      Chonga Bonga

New, Brand Fucking New

High Stoners!!!

What's crackin' crack babies??? I know, I know, I know we haven't been here posting in a while but we've been so extremely busy. We had to have some re-shoots of our short film, we recorded new vocals for our single, we've shot visuals for our live show and we had a going away party. Whew, I'm tired just talking about it. As you know the two of us are moving to Portland on July 1st and we're over the moon about it. This is going to be a huge change and we're very sorry to everyone who wanted to see us perform this summer. This move is going to allow us to have much more freedom in the frequency of our videos while providing us with an amazing job opportunity. We just want to send everyone a huge thank you for the wicked support all of you have sent us. Thank you for the emails and the wonderful words of kindness. We'll be in touch very soon with more stills from our short film and an exclusive sneak peek at the visuals for our new single SMOKING CHRONIC. Take a look at a still from the new short film WELFARE AIDS.


Welfare Aids

High Stoners!!!

Have we got some great news for you! ChiChi and Chonga have been hard at work on TONS of new material for your enjoyment. As you know the last live show at The Comedy Store was a huge success and we have pictures in a slideshow on the post below. Don't start crying if you missed the last show because you can catch ChiChi and Chonga at the Trans-Unity Pride After Party on June 4th @ 12AM, yup I said AM, you know how we party, we like to party. Not only will this show be amazingly hilarious but we hear there is a special surprise in the works so be there or be square. Also, ChiChi and Chonga have just wrapped filming on their first short film Welfare Aids. The short will premiere at the Trans/Giving Film Festival on August 28th BUT we will be bringing you a super secret sneak peak next month! How's that for exclusive? That's not all, next month we will also be bringing you another sneak peak at the new single SMOKING CHRONIC including album artwork and video stills!!!!!!!!!! Its almost too much to handle... almost. Stay tuned for more updates everyday! And now... we bring you just a tiny peak at Welfare Aids enjoy!

Stood Up

High Stoners!

We just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see us perform @ The Comedy Store! The night was a huge success and we made lots of new friends. We've also just completed our first short film!!! I know, it's crazy huh? More details in the coming days, including stills from the shoot and photos from the live show. There's just so much going on I don't know if we're going to remember to feed ChiChi's kids. Watch out for more live performances in the coming months, including the unveiling of our first single release and the epic music video for SMOKING CHRONIC!!!

Flyer Higher

Flyer 03

Stand-Up For ChiChi and Chonga

High Stoners!!!


ChiChi Pussyculo and Chonga Bonga In:


We will be performing live @ The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. Showtime is 7PM and tickets are $10 at the door but only $7 if you send an email with your full name and telephone number to

This show is 21+ and there is a 2 drink minimum. Join us at the after party with the secret password and you get
How fucked up can YOU get?*

The address is:
8433 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069


DON'T FORGET to send us the email with your full name and telephone number for discounted tickets!

*Please drink responsibly


Hi Internet!!!

What's better than the relationship between a mother and her daughter? In this episode of THC, ChiChi and Chonga go out clubbing and gangbanging (not that kind sicko!!!) only to come home and fully appreciate ChiChi's youngest daughter for the amazing person that she is. Quality time is THE most important time to ChiChi and Chonga... even if it is 4 A.M.

(Music By: Frankie Smith. We claim no ownership of this track.)


High Stoners!!!

Its THC TUESDAY and we are pleased to bring you the first episode of our groovy new series called LIFE LESSONS. As you know ChiChi and I are required to fulfill 8,000 hours of community service and we've decided to do it by discussing where we went wrong in life so that you don't have to go down that road... or down on that officer. Also, we've recorded multiple episodes so that we can bring you a new show EVERY TUESDAY! Yup, that's a brand-spanking-new-motha-fuckin episode EVERY TUESDAY. They won't just be LIFE LESSONS either, we have lots of things planned for the coming months including: LIFE LESSONS, INSIDE CHONGA, CONFESSIONS OF A CHOLA, LIVE SHOWS and the music video for our new song SMOKING CHRONIC. No, we haven't been tweaking! We're just super focused okay??? So enjoy your first lesson in life!

Go Green,
Chonga Bonga


Hi internet perverts!!! Its me Chonga Bonga,

We are so wicked happy to present you with a sneak peak at our demo! Its called SMOKING CHRONIC and its going to be in our new live show. its being produced as we speak, or as I type, or as you read this.. or on another plane of reality. Anyway, we'll be recording the music video very soon and we hope it makes you shit yourself.


Go Green,
Lil' Miss Bongwater

Get Inside Chonga Bonga!!!

High Internet Perverts,
It's me Chonga Bonga! I know its been a while since I've posted but I've just been hanging out in an abandoned warehouse when it hit me like an ex boyfriend... I completely forgot what it was like my first time there. Here's that story for you to get to know me a little more. Get a little deeper... INSIDE CHONGA.

Go Green,
Chonga Bonga

All these Fucking lil Welfare Case Kids!!! AHHHHHHHH!!

Fucking Hola Putas,
A shot out to all the Mamas out there!!! It's hard being the mom of many lil bastards, you see I never got married, so all eleventeen of my kids are bastards! I never got that far into the relationship I had with any of their fathers. Yes FatherS! None of my kids have the same dad, they all end up getting locked up as soon as I get Knocked up. And I always know when I get pregnanunt cuz to tell you the truth I always end up getting "The Curse", no not my period, The fucking thing growing inside me. Period, yeah right, I've only ever had one and that was recent too. I was at the gym, in the showers, lathering up with all the other girls, soaping eachother, washing eachothers hair, you know! Girly Time. All of a sudden I started bleeding, I never knew about that cuz I got pregnanunt in 7th grade and never made it to sex ed! Well I thought I was dying and the girls they started laughing at me and throwing tampons, yelling "Plug it up! Plug It UP!" Since they were making fun of me bleeding, I had to level the playing field! I ended up getting arrested and Charged with 19 counts of attempted murder, but I fucked the judge and he lowered it to some minor traffic violations. God was on my side, well I was on my back. Anyways I need a fucking break cuz all they do is eat, sleep and shit! Not to mention the never-ending crying and bugging. Mommy I'm hungry, I'm shit on, brother cut my hand off again!! It's like "STOP killing my high you little fuckers! UH! I'd go drop them off at my moms pad and run away, but she ain't even home. She's gone to visit her man in prison. I should just leave them on the porch with some bread and balongna, till she gets back. I'm right, I don't got to deal with this shit. Thank you Bloggers for helping me figure out what to do about my headach! Drop them off and get a 40oz! Thanks.
~Kitty Morena "ChiChi Pussyculo"

P.S. Here's a classic video where I talk about all my damn lil brats...

Remebering The Past

Hola Lil Putatitos!
It's Me Kitty Morena AKA ChiChi Pussyculo! Do you ever sit around and try your best to remeber the past. I know you smoke alot of weed and do a whole shit load of drugs, but have you ever desperately tried to tap into your shrivelled up, burnt out, dry sponge of a brain. Well I do. I remeber being a young tender whore and all the guys trying hit this up. I remember being 5 and high-jacking my first bus filled with passangers! Not being able to reach the petals and hold the shot gun by myself. Luckily Chonga and I go back like babies and diapers, we go to the future like old ladies and diapers too. Anywho, so Chonga grabbed the shot gun and put a stop to all that screaming in fear coming from the people on the bus! It's to had to drive a speeding bus with a bomb on it and if the speed drops below 50 KABOOM!!! SO we're trying to rob these people and not blow up. I also remember being that age and catching my first burglary, breaking and entering, theft and attempted murder charges. It's it so funny when you look into the past and are able to actually tap into those memories. Our memories are just snippets of the past mixed with our present perception. So our memories are basically atlered accounts of our past to help shape our future, but they aren't even real, only as really as you can remember and image. The past has been super awesome, but the future is what has me on edge. What will happen? Stay tuned to find out!!! Here a peak at the past......
Lil ChiChi Pussyculo

Lil Chonga Bonga

Lil ChiChi and Lil Chonga

ChiChi Pussyculo

P.S. Here's another blast from the past..... ChiChi Pussyculo's "Lover Girl" by Tina Marie. Enjoy!

Can You Hear Me Now?


The 12 Days of New Years

High Everybody, are so excited to bring you the debut of our BRANDMOTHAFUCKINSPANKIN new show called "THC" (Two High Cholas). We'll be releasing new episodes as fast as we can make them, so sit back and relax your feet cause you'll be running to the bathroom REAL SOON...

-Jenna Mystique AKA Chonga Bonga