Here Comes Trouble

What happens when a drunk/feisty/chola and a free-spirited/hippie/stoner chick are friends??? You get a lot of action-packed, fudge-packed, prison-sentencing, dead hooker discovering, girls-gone-wild of a time.
ChiChi Pussyculo and Chonga Bonga pack a punch and a gun, so don't fuck with them.
Kick it and see what develops (on your genitals).


High Stoners!
It's me, Jenna

I know its been a while but we've just been so hard at work on the show... well, that and Scarlet's (7th) 18th birthday! So we haven't had as much time to blog but we're coming back with a bang! We can FINALLY release a few details about the show. Firstly, the name of the show is...


That's right bitches!!! In this first installment The Boom Boom Dolls get BUSTED.

Once again four best friends: Asia Ho, Jenna Mystique, Scarlet Fever and Kitty Morena La Surena find themselves trapped in jail but this time things aren't quite what they seem. American CIA agent Kennith Karl King may not have all the evidence he needs now but he'll stop at nothing to prove just how sane he is. Only love and our four heroines can stop him before its too late. The only show in Los Angeles with an Asian, a redheaded stoner, a diva, live alligators, two actual 747s and a drunk/pregnant/chola/stripper! Packed with more extras than a tranny's g-string, The Boom Boom Doll's BUSTED is guaranteed to thrill you, chill you and get you kinda high ;) We highly suggest that you buy your tickets EARLY! Don't be the last one without what you need.

...and don't forget to stay tuned (even better to subscribe or follow) for behind the scenes footage, costume sketches, audio clips, rehearsal videos, stickers and more!!!

Go Green,
Jenna ;)

Other Projects of LA Surena

Hola Putatitos,
It's Me Kitty Morena LA Surena, back again for some action. Well as you already know about us Boom Boom Dolls having busy bodies, and Scarlet's Birthday GangBang Bash!!! Working on the SHOW and getting off probation, well I've been working working working day and night, I recently auditioned for "Who Wants to be the next Millionaire Pussycat Doll" It's a new reality show where contestants compete for their lives and a chance to win a million dollars over the course of a million years, sounds great. Each of the contestants must be sexy, slutty, whorey, nasty, dirrty, and casting couch ready. Hello! we ARE competing to be the next Millionaire PussyCat Doll!!!! Yet, of course I already got the boot, it was only a matter of time, cuz when you put 13 desperate money-hungry fame-drivin whores in a house together, someone is bound to get shanked, and that's what happened! You see, I get along well with girls of this caliber, just look at my friends, they are the whoriest of the whores, the skankiest of the skanks, the all around "I'll take you to this back alley and 'chat' with you, then my homegirls jump out from behind the dumpster and we rob you, then rape you, then kill you" and not all in that order either!! Well back to the story, I was upstairs hiding in a closet, smoking a joint, when this bitch opens the closet door and accuses me of stealing her clothes. I'm like "First of all, how do you know i'm stealing your cloths, bitch?" then she responds with a smart ass comment like "Because you're wearing them, and using them as rolling papers". Lets just say i hate when bitches think they know the whole story, even though they do, fuck that, I pulled out the sharpened toothbrush I keep in my hair, and put so many holes in that bitch she looked like a golf course! Well if that didn't get me kicked off the piolet episode, i guess my backgroumd check finally came back. And I could understand, cuz who wants a phycotic homicidal whore criminal running around their house, I know my mom don't!!! Well Whatevers, I also auditions for Season 2 of RuPaul's DRAGRACE, so keep your fingers cross for me cuz i hope i make it. Things look real good from this point, i heard they don't do background check, and RuPual is know to cut a bitch up too!!!! Pues!!!!

Here's a photo of me...... "Who wants to be the next Millionaire PussyCat Doll?"


Kitty Morena LA Surena is the PUSSYCAT CHOLA!!!!


Scarlet and Me

Oh My God!!! What's up you bastards? It's me Kitty Morena LA Surena, just stopping by to say 'Hola" and that we are soooo busy with all the up and comming projects that we have been working on. So busy, they call us busy bodies, very busy bodies. Lots of things went on this week Scarlet's Birthday is this saturday, so you know i've been getting that going. I had to book the place, contact catering and kidnapp a striper so he can pop out of the cake that Jenna is baking. Now I have to go get another one because, he got in the cake before Jenna started baking, then when she was done getting high, she put him in the oven. It was a big mess, luckily Asia was here to devour the man-cake, it wont be the last time she swollows man-frosting today. Well as you can tell I've got a whole shit load of things to do, we still got to order the acrobats,the cage for the alligators Jenna's going to wrestle, and we still need to get the Tiger that Sequil O'Neal is supposed to ride in on when he comes in with Scarlet on his Sholders for when she arrives. Today Jenna and I need to figure out where we are going to find 20000 kilos of the purest columbian blow, if not we need to think of something else to put in the gift bags. Honestly, pues, i don't even know what to do about the dunk tank, where am i going to get all that man milk from? Maybe i can get some guys to come over tonite and do a circle jerk, i need about 250-275 guys, any volunteers?? Tonight? Well i got to go stretch my wrist, cuz it's going to be a long night......

This was a performance i put on for Scarlets's Birthday last year..... Enjoy...
Chola Da Explora

Public Assitance Needs Assistance. Kitty Style!


Okay, this shit ain't even funny. Let me tell you what happened to me this morning. So I'm at the Welfare office, cuz my stupid social worker messed up my check for this month. So the bitch made me come in and let me tell you something, there are sooooo soooo soooooooo many fucking people jumping on the government assistance banwagon since this whole recession thing started. It's like what the fuck now? They wanna cut off the money the government owes me so I can share it with all those people who wanna work but have no job. Shit they are perfectly able and willing to work but NO, everyone's going around and getting laid off cuz there's little money in the economy! And the little money that's in the economy is being taken by those rich white people with hooves for feet and have horns coming out of their heads. Drinking their expensive wines and viles of baby's blood, I know for sure cuz my priest told me. Anyways pues, there I was in line behind this woman who said she used to work for this big cooperation and now has been reduced to such poverty. This guy in front of me was saying he was once this big shot eating at fancy places, probably like Red Lobster, he now has to shop at Food 4 Less with food stamps. I politely got in their business and said "Fucking Excuse me!! Don't complain, you're lucky I don't cut you up now that I have to share part of my government money with each of you greedy ass bastards, this ain't about you. Yes! times are hard and they are going to get worse before it gets better, and you tell yourselves how terrible it is to live like the poor but let me tell you that you were already poor... on the inside. You say you can't survive without your credit cards, your sports cars, and your yogurt shops. If you think that you're better off dead then let me know so I can help you out with that. You say that your life is not worth living cuz you no longer have nice things, try having all these damn kids, always breaking my nice shit. And you say you don't want to go on cuz you have to slum it with trash. You think you're better than me?!?" So I took my box cutter and danced it across their clothes. Now they don't just need assistance with food, but with clothes too. About 30 seconds later they needed housing too cuz I put a bomb in... just kidding, I don't got to do that since the bank is foreclosing the property anyways. That's fucked up! So all I can say is Keep Your Head To The Sky cuz what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And if it was me trying to kill you, I'll be back... SO when times get hard, it's time to get hard. So in this time of money problems, here are a few ways to make money in this recession......ENJOY!!!!

.:Kitty Morena LA Surena:.

Go Homos!

Hello Stoners! It's Jenna,
I have another history lesson for you all, its a video that we did with members of the GAY MAFIA called "Sexual Homo". The song is by LISP (Kurt Hall) and its hilarious. The video was shot by director Chris Ghel, over two days in the blistering, Los Angeles summer heat. We had such an amazing time on set and we're extremely grateful for all the wonderful kindness that exuded from the cast and crew. Go visit the GAY MAFIA WEBSITE and check out their reels, we know you'll enjoy them. But first...

Check out THESE whores!

Go Green,

Come Into My World...

Hello, It's Asia


After thinking of all the possible blog topics to begin the journey into understanding a piece of the Boom Boom Dolls, I couldn’t think of a better topic than my obsession with Kylie Minogue. Yes, I understand that there are truly obsessed Kylie fans out there (like Andrea and many others on Say Hey) but I must say that I am an obsessed Kylie fan. Like, I love her so much if I saw her in the street, I would like cut a lock of her hair and braid into mine, never washing my hair again! If I had children, I would feed/sacrifice them for Kylie if she was ever hungry or bored. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I could ever imagine my life if Kylie never came into my world. In fact, when Kylie Fever spread around the world like a zombie infection, I must admit that I tried hard to stay away from the infected. Being a stubborn individualistic bitch, I kept my younger pigheaded self from being struck by Kylie Fever. But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get Kylie out of my head. I had picked up the Fever CD on my vacation to New York City just before the attacks of 9/11 and put the record for a spin on my CD player on the way home. I was hooked and the story still continues to this day. During the past few months, Kylie had announced that she was bringing a live show to North America for the first time in her twenty years of being a mega star and you bet your ass I will be attending this show. A dream-come true for a Kylie lover, to see our pint size princess in action! So I leave you now with one of my favorite Kylie remixes of all time for all you fellow fabulousness to enjoy!! Ummmmmmooooiiiiii!

Jenna, I'm Sorry... Really Sorry...

Well first let me explain what happen. Okay so I had my kids over visiting this weekend, cuz they live with my mom, due to the surpreme court ruling out I'm an unfit mother, which works out fine with me cuz I don't need all these little brats stressing me out. I don't know! supposedly I'm an immediate danger to anyone I come in contact with.... whatever! Besides it's better for me, so I don't gotta hear cops talking shit to me cuz they said I would leave my kids home alone when I'd go out partying for weeks at a time. HOW STUPID!!!! They ain't even alone, there's 12 or 13something of them together, and just cuz I'm an adult, doesn't mean I'm even responsible..... I'm usually stoned or drunk when they're around. I figure, that's the way i was during the conception, pregnancy and birth, why change now!?! Anyways Pues, so the lil shits have been learning bout being drug free at school, Damn teachers brainwashing my bastards!! So they hung this sign on the front gate.......


When Jenna came home from missing for 3 weeks, she walked up and saw the sign. Thinking that we had been kidnapped and brainwashed by drug-free teachers, she started screaming only to turn around and run for her life, so except for seeing that happen from my window, I now haven't seen Jenna in 5 weeks.....Please come home gurl! It was just a misunderstanding.... Of course we're not drugless, even my probation officer has no say in what laws I wanna break. You know we'd go looking for you, but where to even start. What alleys to look in, what drug dealers to sought after, Rehab?? Never Jenna's not a quiter. Besides I can't go anywhere, I'm on house arrest, Scarlet's filming her dating reality show "Fever of Love", and Asia chained herself to a pack of endangered wolves in protest, pretty soon they'll be exstincted, she'll get hungry. So just come home soon, Jenna!!!

.:Kitty Morena LA Surena:.

.:Kitty Morena LA Surena:.


Hola Putas!!! It's Me Kitty Morena. Of course I'm a chola! I'm here cuz I'm really excited, and not just cuz I got released from jail, but becuz I'm in heat. Yes that right like a dog in heat, more like a bitch in heat, a freak without warning, I got an appetite for sex cuz me so horny!!! But really I've been locked up and haven't got laid in soooooo long, 2 days to be exact! 2 days 2 long if you ask me..... Which nobody ever does! Whatever. I'm not just a horny bitch, I'm also a stealer and a liar, believe me, if I saw you with something I want, I'll get you to give it to me. People are always so nice to me when I pull knifes out on them. I'm like, "Hey bitch, that's a cute top!!" then they usually give it to me. I mean even if you don't have something that I want, I'll just take what you got in your pockets. Including the pockets themselves. Klepto-ho!! At first they think I'm joking but when I proceed to choke them, then they know I ain't playing. Hahaha, if you could only see, people make the funniest faces when they can't breath and the fear for their lives begin to set in, hahahaha. THEN...They always get so serious and I'm like, "O My God! I'm just joking!" I guess some people can't take a joke...... OH WELL!!!! That's not my problem, I'm just a krazy humorous kinda chola, It could be from all the alcohol my mom drank when she was pregnant, but I personally think it was the crack she did. It just makes me special, and hyperactive. Which reminds me! I got to go and break into a house cuz I'm bored. Well it was nice to meet you and I hope to see you again soon, well I can't really see you.......Or can I see you!!???!!!??? Tonight? (wink wink, shank, shank)

Before I go here's something to help you get to know what kind of person I am........ A Single Mother of 12 or 13-something kids, but more important........ An aspiring Stripper!!!!

can't wait to become a real stripper instead of just dancing for money at my Tio's backyard parties, high school parties and my own babyshowers.......
Later Perras,
.:Kitty Morena LA Surena:.

Walk Bitch, Walk!!!

Hello Pervs!, it's Jenna
Put your junk down and listen up. We said we'd have the AIDS WALK info ready for you in two weeks but we're bringing it to you a week early!!! It's so easy to get on our team just join, log on, register now and give your obligated $500 donation. Thank you so much for making our team super rich with love and money and don't forget the date is October 18th.

Come meet your favorite doll, have a chat and take a free picture with her. She might even ask you for a ride back to her car because doin this shit in heels ain't funny. Remember, register, donate and


Home Movies

Hello Innernet,
We told you We'd bring you some old school Boom Boom moments so here it is! The first of many. Asia+Selena+Baby+Amazing Hair

Go Green

Strangers Are Awesome

I also really love religious iconography.
I was just chillin here, rollin a blunt, lookin for porn when who do I see staring back at me?


If you have good taste, which I know you do because you're reading this blog, you know all about my homegurl Jerry. She has been one of the coolest people to hit TV in a LONG time.

Its the work of an artist, a well rounded artist, I happened to stumble upon named Terry Marks. She has some really cool stuff on her website you should all check out. Anyone who produced this as work is amaaaaaahhhhhzing in my book.

go green,

Happy 420

Hey guys, It's Jenna,
Happy 420 to all my smokers out there! I just got a new bong and I want you to check it out...

My New Bong

Whaddaya think, too much? I love how it has so many beautiful twists and turns. It reminds me of this dream I once had where I'm talking to the Dalai Lama and he's telling me all about what its like to live in exile and how it feels to be called Yishin Norbu and if his mom ever called him that. He's so funny when he explains horrifically oppressive experiences. Then he looks over to a pile of pictures and telekinetically shuffles them and asks me to pick one. I do and a phoenix rises out of the ceiling and reaches for my card with it's tail, it bursts into flames and turns into a neon purple lotus! His Holiness explains to me that its an extremely good sign because neon purple is his favorite color and the lotus symbolizes strength and power. That's when I knew it was a dream and I wasn't astral projecting because everyone knows there is no such thing as a neon purple lotus. Here's to less greenbacks and more green sacks.

Listen to his laugh, it's just so damn cute

I'm The Green Fairy

Hey guys, it's Jenna,
Do you remember your first job? I was just thinkin' about mine.


I started working in the Ol' Absinthe House when I was about 10 or so, picking up glasses and bringing them to my mother the bartender. I remember finding a glass in the hands of a man who was killed by a prostitute he had pissed off. It glowed an emerald green and whispered my name in that scary movie kinda way. Oh, people always died strangely in NOLA, we just got used to it I guess. My mom told me never to drink it so of course I didn't waste any time before I drank it. Have you ever had Absinthe before? Its very hard to get REAL Absinthe here in the states if you don't know the right people. Needless to say, my mother knew what was up when she caught me running around naked, screaming "I'm the green fairy." She was so furious that to teach me a lesson she sat me down on a bar stool and made me drink an entire bottle to myself... I love my mom.

Welcome All Cummers!

Dear Outerinnernetsphere,
Welcome to the Boom Boom Blog, man!!!!!

It's me Jenna Mystique

and we here at the dollhouse are so happy to have you... especially Scarlet, she'll have ALL of you shortly. We're also really amped to tell you all about our upcoming projects and let me tell you, it's not because of the Aderall! There are a few things we've been working on but we're most excited about...


Yes boys, girls and all those inbetweens. You heard right, we've spent the last couple of weeks preparing, planning, drinking, starving, writing, riding and brainstorming just to bring you the best show we possibly can. We're almost done and we'll be bringing you the details as soon as they're ready so sit back, roll a joint and prepare yourself for as much Boom Boom action as you can possibly handle.

Secondly, THIS BLOG!!!!
Yes, this is our first official blog post and there'll be many more to come, all four of us will be posting on and off throughout the coming weeks. Now, we realize that not all of you have been lucky enough to get to know the BBD "in depth" (insert Scarlet comment here) so we're bringing you exclusive videos, pics, classic performances and behind the scenes footage from our animantium/chola/bullet/psychic/jigsaw/STD/republican-proof vault.

Thirdly! Our official BOOM BOOM DOLLS AIDS WALK TEAM!!!!!
It's almost that time of year again when our probation officer forcefully volunteers us to walk in the LOS ANGELES AIDS WALK. It's a very good cause and there are tons of people there to meet, drink and smoke with. It's so much fun, last year we walked the entire trek in heels!!! HIGH HEELS!!! VERY, VERY HIGH HEELS.... I'll never forget that day, the blisters are still on my feet. The walk is October 18th and we'll have links to our page, where you can sign up or donate, up and running in two weeks. We're trying to raise over $10,000 for this most worthy cause that greatly effects all of our communities. Recently the Governator of California used his line-item veto power to cut an extra $52 million from California's state AIDS budget even though $30 million had already been cut to "help" with the deficit. That's a total of $82 MILLION and this includes the COMPLETE ELIMINATION of state funding for HIV prevention and testing. California has the 2nd highest rate for HIV infection in the nation and 73% of those are gay or bisexual men. We all need to try our best to make AIDS history.

And now we leave you with a classic performance to enjoy