Here Comes Trouble

What happens when a drunk/feisty/chola and a free-spirited/hippie/stoner chick are friends??? You get a lot of action-packed, fudge-packed, prison-sentencing, dead hooker discovering, girls-gone-wild of a time.
ChiChi Pussyculo and Chonga Bonga pack a punch and a gun, so don't fuck with them.
Kick it and see what develops (on your genitals).

In The Dark

High Guys!

We've been doing tons of things recently and we're getting ready for Homo's Got Talent! this Friday at 8pm. It's at the Fez Ballroom and it' has a $5 - $10 sliding scale at the door.We just stole some new dancing shoes and we're ready to let the music play while we burn holes in them. I have to remember to wash my feet more often ;) Right after that we're heading over to our prima Bulimianne Rhapsody's going away party at Saratoga for The Butt-Plug Klub presents "¡Adios Bulimiana!" at 10pm. $3 - $5 sliding scale at the door and an awesome lineup of DJs including DJs: Grant (Blowpony & Jack) Stormy (Booty & Jack) & LunchLady (Cafeteria) will be rockin' -n- Jackin the ranch and a performance by Fannie Mae Darling.

Every Sunday it's Dirty Porno Bingo W/ChiChi and Chonga and This Sunday we're celebrating Mothers Day... with PORN! This edition is our MOM VS MOM edition, a little girl on girl, rather mom on mom. Just how PDX likes it! We want you to bring your mom for an honorary circle jerk - bukkake fest ,she deserves to be honored. Or at least bring her to bingo and win her some porn. We also have an entire box of the dirtiest, nastiest porn you can find!!!!.

Next week we're getting dirty in the dark at Notorious Neon Party on May 14th at 9:30. We have performances by Jeau Breedlove, Asia Ho Jackson, Serendipity Jones, Doriloves Youall and yours truly. Check out the new poster down below

Sexy, huh? Like neon dance whores! We have been working on some great shows this past year but we are proud to announce that Tuesday August 2nd we will be hosting PEEP SHOW as it is our 1 year anniversary of performing here in Portland. We've got a great lineup of our favorite performers here and it's gonna be one high of a time. More deets to come soon yo.

   ChiChi and Chonga



Saturday at 10:00pm - Sunday at 2:00am

Red Cap Garage
1025 SW Stark St.
Portland, OR

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Notorious Dance Party with ChiChi and Chonga this Saturday April 9th @ 10pm. Music from the 80's, 90's, 2000's, and today. Best dance move contest. This is a "dark" party so the black lights are coming on and the place will be glowing. No cover, starts at 10pm. $2.50 well drinks from open to close.

It's another installment of NOTORIOUS with everyone's favorite Latin Rappin Comedy Duo Chola Delinquents. Dance parties at Red Cap have never been so Dangerous!!!! With live performances by the duo at 11 and 12 and special guest appearances by Saturn and Asia Ho Jackson. A "BEST MOVES" dance competition, prize give aways, Go-Go dancing performers!! Awesome drink Specials and DJ Adam West tearing those beats apart so you can definitely shake your ass all night, or shake your wallets away from ChiChi and anything that will get you wasted, from Chonga!!!

Back at IT again!!!

Hey mentirosas and chemosas!!!

We got lots of things going on......

Grand Re-Opening Sweet Basil

Friday, March 25 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

1639 NW Glisan St/ Portland, OR 97209

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More InfoHey Sexy got plans for Friday Night? Well I got two questions that might help solve that problem..... Do you like Thai Food? How about Drag Queens??? The Perfect combination for a good time. Come check us out we will be hosting an awesome event and something super cool for the queer scene!!! See you here...

Asian Fusion bar and restaurant, plus Gender Illusionist.
Happy Hour starts at 4pm everyday
Monday - Wednesday ~ dining only
Thursday - Sunday ~ Dining with Drag ~ Show start at 6pm

Pheadra Knight
Autumn Scities Knight
Chinky Chinkinini
and more.....

Grand Opening show Begins at 6pm Staring the Girls of Sweet Basil and special guests ChiChi and Chonga.

Free all you can eat appetizers w/ your dinner purchase. Hey Man, you know I love me some munching on some appetizers... Especially when they are FREE!!!! - Chonga Bonga
Every Sunday is ........

Dirty Porno Bingo w/ ChiChi and Chonga

Sunday, March 27 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Red Cap Garage
1035 SW Stark St.
Portland, OR

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Dirty Porno Bingo with ChiChi and Chonga!! It's not your grandma's bingo, unless she loves to win PORN!!!! Free to enter, free to win, and if you buy ChiChi a drink, you definitely score!!!! Come have a little Sunday after religious practicing unwind and wind up!!! $1 hot dogs, how many wieners can you take at once??!?!?!? Come Find out, We love it when you COME!!!
Every Sunday at Red Cap Garage, Starting @ 8pm and goes on til th...e viagra wears off!!!

This week Disco Bush
Enjoy some amazing drink specials, disco music, and you could even win our featured porno..... HAIR, it's all about the bush!!!!

Tons of porn of everyone:
Man on Man, Man on Woman, Woman on Woman, Women on Man on Woman on Tranny, BBW, Large loving, BI-curious, Squirting Vaginas, Guys with big dicks, Chicks with big dicks, little people loving, Public sex acts caught on tape, Lesbian porn made by real lesbians!!! Unusual Cocks, Put your fingers in my ass, Circle Jerks, Solo, First time with a guy, Men in uniform, Women in Uniform, Trannies in uniforrms, Prison Break, Chubby Chasers, Tranny lovers, Lesbian lickers, Butt munchers, finger bangers, double penetrating, fister sisters, Donkey punching, Alabama hot pocketing, dick slapping, gang banging..... Well I think you get the picture and if not use your imagination, if we don't have it..... You get to pick something we do!!!

who wants a BLOW JOB????? The drink!!!

Okay now enough with the guttermind, moving on to something that has nothing to do with sex...... The Birds and the Bees. Big shot out to Max Voltage and the cast of......

Homomentum: Birds and the Bees

Friday, April 1 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Fez Ballroom
316 SW 11th Ave
Portland, OR

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Homomentum: a queer cabaret showcases queer dance, burlesque, drag & performance-art, with tons of glitter and ridiculousness at every turn!

Homomentum's LAST SHOW of the season welcome's the blooming and blossoming of spring and a little sex ed to top it off, with "Birds & the Bees." Starring some of Portland's most infamous performers, including Felice Shays, Shazaam, Chi Chi & Chonga, The Drag Mansion, Swagger, Baby Le Strange and many more!

Homomentum: Birds & the Bees
Friday, April 1st
Fez Ballroom
7pm Doors, 8pm Show
$5-10 Sliding Scale
21+. Wheel-Chair Accessible.

More info:

This month's Sponsors:
Yogio: all gluten free korean inspired street food.

The Dog House PDX: home of insane tater tot bowls.

And you better watch out cuz there's Dangerous Curves Ahead.....

Dangerous Curves Ahead: Burlesque on the Go-Go! in PORTLAND, OR!!

Wednesday, April 13 at 8:00pm - April 14 at 12:00am

Red Cap Garage
1035 Southwest Stark Street
Portland, OR 97205

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Direct from Brooklyn: the USA’s Premier National Touring Burlesque Troupe!

Caution! This spring five of New York City's award-winning and most popular burlesque luminaries have highway fever! With a squeal of tires and a cloud of glitter, this super-star team is hitting the road with the top down and their tassels twirling for the DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD: BURLESQUE ON THE GO-GO Spring Tour 2011!
An unprecedented burlesque tour that's epic in scope, Dangerous Curves Ahead will bring their signature acts, sexy glam and
hilarious hijinks to stages from San Diego to Vancouver!
New Times called the show "An excellent night of twirling tassels and bawdy jokes."

*Anita Cookie
*Clams Casino
*Darlinda Just Darlinda
*GiGi La Femme
*Minnie Tonka

Produced by and co-starring local lovelies Baby Le'Strange and Hai Fleisch!
Hosted by local drag dynamos ChiChi and Chonga!

You do not want to miss this one time event!

Wednesday April 13, 2011
Red Cap Garage
1035 Southwest Stark Street
Portland, OR
Doors at 8, show at 9, $10

I got a pair of nipple tassels and lots of tear away cloths. See the art of Burlesque is all about the tease, even though I did know you could just tease them, until my second baby!! -ChiChi Pussyculo

Thing 1 and Thing 2 ........... Miss Thing

Hey culitos!!!! Okay so we have been like so my god busy. Many many many things to blog about!

Let's GO!!

Oct 11th was Saturn presents MURDER! Which went off well, so much fun! Artmis Chase was feeling under the weather, so thankfully Fannie Mae Darling stepped in and things went off with a bang!

Oct 13th was Miss Thing: Halloqween! Congrates to the winner Feyonce, featuring the deathly duo The Tampon Troupe!! Our own shared hollucination. ChiChi did a spooky number to Bauhaus in the style of Night Of The Demons.

Oct 15th was P.S.U Coming Out Day. We did a few numbers and Exstacy Inferno performed as well. Amazing!! Sister Love!

Oct 16th was Maricon @ the Matador. Thanks to Dj Moisti for hooking us up.

Oct 17th was Dirty Porno Bingo. It got pretty raw when this guy whipped out his balls. Then we played truth or dare, and this girl dared her boyfriend to strip!! It was ..... Well I hope you come by and play with us some time.

Oct 23th was MILK, held at Red Cap Garage. A monthly dance party of "HOTTNESS". Even though it's real cold in the northwest.

Oct 29th was Mary's Haunted Opening, it was the grand opening of Hamburger Mary's Portland. It was packed and spooky. Everyone was in costume and we had a super Amazing show which we hosted and performed in.

Oct 30th we had BENT and SNAP! and Damned House Party!! Busy, Fun and SPOOKY. Danced all night and then forgot the rest......

Oct 31st HALLOWEEN, we played a show at the Havana in Seattle, Night Riot. Kevin Kaur puts on a hell of an event. Vintage Youth, Jinx Monsoon, Lisa Dank, Dj Riff-Raff and so many more talented people. We met Lisa Dank, we are huge fans and now friends. Google her!!!

Nov 9th at TuBE was 4Lokas with Holla n Oats. Wicked show and we killed IT!!

Nov 14 Dirty Tampon Bingo with Tampon Troupe. Bloody Porno Bingo.

Nov 19th The Miss Thing Pageant. Big Congrats to the winner Sally Ingus Wilder, we following her ass to TrannyShack San Fransisco....

Nov 22nd Original Queer Night at Mississippi Studios.  Magic Mouth played a great set and then .... The death of the Tampons!!! SHOCKING!!!

Nov 27th MILK & HUNNY it was really fun and we made such a splash.

Dec 3rd Homomentum Snowpocolypse - The show was amazing and we had so much fun getting everyone all warmed up!!

(SIGH) Finally, that recap was fucking long okay. I'm glad your still here, I tried to keep it short, but moving on.We promise not to stay away for long and try to update sooner, so the THC doesn't kill those memories before we remember them. For pic and videos check out our youtube and facebook. Fuck this I'm tired........ Here!!!
ChiChi Pussyculo
P.M.S. - Here's the link to the video of our Miss Thing performance that got us 2nd place.....

So, this was half ass, but who the fuck are you calling half ass?!?!?!

Police Report Update

Hey Perras!!!
 Okay so like me and Chonga have been like soo busy, so many things going on. I LOVE IT! We been working real hard, so we can get off probation, cuz I don't know about you, but I don't like people watching me, all the time. It's hard to eat, shower, or take a shit! So now it's time for another
Police Report Update:
We earned some community service hours by helping do hard labor and serve food at Oasisba Asian Fusion Restaurant. We'll be back soon to rack in some more hours from them.
We also did a Public Service Announcement at Blow Pony! We did "The Donkey Show! - The Dangers of Partying Hard!"
We went to Barracuda and got down with it, after being part of The Cascade Projects' AIDS Walk. Spat some shit and did what we always do, lay it down, it was so much fun.

Then, this past Thursday was the Portland premiere of our short film WELFARE AIDS! The night was a success with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the AIDS WALK FUND. A huge hug and a big bong hit to everyone who helped and supported this great cause. We had an awesome set that started with Galang.... Here's the Videos...

The other videos are online with the rest of our Parole Videos.

If you're looking for us you can find us at Hamburger Mary's. We've been doing some work there and helping out Mary with some stuff. We love her, cuz she has Power!!!! She can sign off on Community Service Hours!!!! Our probation officer will be proud, so come by cuz they be OPEN!!!
Which brings me to ...... dat da dada!!! The Grand Opening, AKA Mary's Haunted Opening, it will be held on October 29th. It's a costume party and participation is a must! Don't be boring, you wont get in, and I wanna see you. It's going to be a huge PARTY! We host the show with amazing performances by Portland's own Mary, Tamra Scanlan, Fannie Mae Darling and The Tampon Troupe. Plus lots of fun games and tons of prizes. Bring your second liver in your purse. Costume Contest for the funniest, the scariest, and the Maryiest. FYI All the MARYS take a group photo and get a surprise! SHHH, It's Spookylicious, I'm so excited.

Now for the things we WILL be charged with later this in OCTOBER>>>>>>
Monday Oct 11th is Saturnalia at Someday Lounge. MURDER!!!! Come help solve this murder mystery. Who could it be? Colonel Mustard?, The Rose City Shimmies?, ChiChi and Chonga? or That old lady that lives with all those CATS!?!! Help Saturn find out who killed her husband, in MURDER!! With special guest performance by Kim Edinger and Artemis Chase as ADDICTION!
Then, Friday Oct 15 we will be at PSU doing some college students, but then we'll perform for National Coming Out Day. Come, come out, we love it when you come.
Saturday, Oct 16 we head down to Maricon at the Matador for a special treat.
Saturday, Oct 23 we will be at Milk, getting our cookies all soft.
Saturday Oct 30 we do a scarifying show at BENT! HALLOWEEN then heading over to Holocene for SNAP! HALLOWEEN 90's Diva Fierceness and then to my tia Gula's house to party is uuuup!!!

Let me tell you about our Sundays, you see the seventh day God rested but ChiChi and Chonga.... THEY GOT DIRRTY!!!
Every Sunday (except for Halloween) we do service work for like churches and stuff. So we have been assigned to Boxx's Where we host DIRTY PORNO BINGO, for all the horny people who like to win free porn. See this "church" isn't filled with crazy people who spit shit, NOPE its filled with CREAM lots of sexy nasty porno loving people. Lots of prizes to give away. Sponsored by BOXXES/Red Cap, Fat Fancy, Big Ass Sandwiches, Cuts For QUEERS and US!


Hola Putos,

It's me again, everyone's favorite ChiChi, HEY!! Okay so there have been so many many things going on with me and Chonga. So PEEP SHOW was a fucking blast, we had so much fun and the place was packed like a fat bowl of kush!!! Pandora Boxx is so cool in person, one of the nicest bitches I've met, well next to Artemis Chase, The Hostess with The Mostess. The Following night was Miss Thing: Disco Ball, where we were guest judges (Nobody Judge Nobody!!), Big Up to all the performers and the winner, Little Tommy Bang Bang, who channeled Richard Simons and the Village People. FUN!! Nico Bella's Saturday Night Fever performance was sooooo ........ Sexual. In the wise words of Jerry Blank, "I'm as moist as a snack cake down there". Okay so, oh my got, we had such an awesome rehearsal with Magic Mouth for the set we'll be doing for the NOT ENOUGH QUEER MUSIC FESTIVAL. I love Queers!!! You have to come see us.... "Put Your MAGIC MOUTH on my CHICHI AND CHONGA" ..... I love our band title! Okay, who wants some Ecstacy? Come to the grand opening of CANDY SHOP, Ecstacy Inferno's night of sweetness, where we will be doing a on stage three-way!! Who wants so see ChiChi and Chonga put some Ecstacy in their mouths?!?!

OH OH, I wanted to let everyone know that we just got added to the PORTLAND SUMMER SHOWCASE line up. So we'll be doing a set at the music festival. I'm so excited and grateful to be put in it, I love it when they put it in!! Us!

Okay so horny kidos, Make sure to stay tuned for more to come. We'll be bring you more information on the GRAND OPENING of Mary's Legs, That's HAMBURGER MARY'S PORTLAND!!! YAY We will be bringing you an awesome show, so make sure you friend Mary on Facebook!! Tell her ChiChi and Chonga sent you!! Stay Tuned.

      ChiChi and Chonga

Booked To The Nines

High Pervs!!!!

It's that time again, we have performances up the wahzoo coming up and we know that you all wanna go. We are so happy to be here in Portland with so many creative people around. We're gonna have a shit ton of chances for you to catch us in person all over town. First off there's PEEP SHOW with special guest Pandora Boxx on September 7th followed by MISS THING: THE DISCO BALL with Heklina of Trannyshack on September 8th. You can get $5 tickets for Miss Thing HERE. After a short little break we will do more back to back performing at the opening of CANDY SHOP hosted by the amazing Ecstacy Inferno on September 18th followed by a performance at NOT ENOUGH: A QUEER MUSIC FESTIVAL on September 19th! The show at NOT ENOUGH is going to be off the chain as we will be performing several songs with our new friends Magic Mouth. This is the first time we've ever performed with a live band... does this make us rock stars? I hope so! After these four shows we will also be at PSU for their yearly drag show on September 24th. Moving on to the next month, we have already confirmed two shows for October. We will headline over at CAFETERIA with DJ Lunchlady held at Vendetta on October 28th. Then we will have the most kick ass show you'll see all year when we perform at HOLOCENE on October 30th!!! This one is gonna blow your fucking mind when we hit the stage with DJ Freaky Outy for a one off performance of a classic like you've never seen or heard before.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fiya! We don't need no water, LET THE MOTHA FUCKA BURN!

We better see all you stoners dancing at these amazing shows. Much love.

ChiChi and Chonga