Here Comes Trouble

What happens when a drunk/feisty/chola and a free-spirited/hippie/stoner chick are friends??? You get a lot of action-packed, fudge-packed, prison-sentencing, dead hooker discovering, girls-gone-wild of a time.
ChiChi Pussyculo and Chonga Bonga pack a punch and a gun, so don't fuck with them.
Kick it and see what develops (on your genitals).


Hi Homosexiness!!!

Last night's Contest to find Portland's Mary was fantastic and we had a wickedly awesome time performing for the wonderful crowd. A big shout out to Darcelle XV Showplace and Poison Waters for having us! Pics and video soon to come.

Today is actually the soft opening of The Original Queer Night at Mississippi Studio's new bar, BARBAR - with DJ HUFNSTUF and DJ LUNCHLADY. Which one do you think has the better soft opening? The doors open at 9 PM, the show begins at 11 PM and its free! Get there early for $5 Golden Knee Pads and $1.50 PBR! Bring quarters too because ChiChi's catchin' em with her thigh muscles ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

Don't Forget about our upcoming events! For instance, PEEP SHOW on Sept. 7th with special guest PANDORA BOXX. Also, MISS THING: THE DISCO BALL on Sept. 8th where we'll be performing and judging the competition with the hostess with the most tits, Heklina. Oh and we'll be be back for the MISS THING PAGENT on Nov. 19th so stay tuned. Let's not neglect to mention CANDY SHOP on Sept. 18th hosted by the delicious ECSTACY INFERNO, where we'll be doing a wickedly, sinfully-sweet performance with a special treat for everyone but you'll have to come to see what tasty morsels we have in store. Check us out at the opening of HAMBURGER MARY'S PORTLAND, and we might just put on a little show for you...

Stay Brown!

ChiChi and Chonga, spice in the white rice...


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