Here Comes Trouble

What happens when a drunk/feisty/chola and a free-spirited/hippie/stoner chick are friends??? You get a lot of action-packed, fudge-packed, prison-sentencing, dead hooker discovering, girls-gone-wild of a time.
ChiChi Pussyculo and Chonga Bonga pack a punch and a gun, so don't fuck with them.
Kick it and see what develops (on your genitals).

Thing 1 and Thing 2 ........... Miss Thing

Hey culitos!!!! Okay so we have been like so my god busy. Many many many things to blog about!

Let's GO!!

Oct 11th was Saturn presents MURDER! Which went off well, so much fun! Artmis Chase was feeling under the weather, so thankfully Fannie Mae Darling stepped in and things went off with a bang!

Oct 13th was Miss Thing: Halloqween! Congrates to the winner Feyonce, featuring the deathly duo The Tampon Troupe!! Our own shared hollucination. ChiChi did a spooky number to Bauhaus in the style of Night Of The Demons.

Oct 15th was P.S.U Coming Out Day. We did a few numbers and Exstacy Inferno performed as well. Amazing!! Sister Love!

Oct 16th was Maricon @ the Matador. Thanks to Dj Moisti for hooking us up.

Oct 17th was Dirty Porno Bingo. It got pretty raw when this guy whipped out his balls. Then we played truth or dare, and this girl dared her boyfriend to strip!! It was ..... Well I hope you come by and play with us some time.

Oct 23th was MILK, held at Red Cap Garage. A monthly dance party of "HOTTNESS". Even though it's real cold in the northwest.

Oct 29th was Mary's Haunted Opening, it was the grand opening of Hamburger Mary's Portland. It was packed and spooky. Everyone was in costume and we had a super Amazing show which we hosted and performed in.

Oct 30th we had BENT and SNAP! and Damned House Party!! Busy, Fun and SPOOKY. Danced all night and then forgot the rest......

Oct 31st HALLOWEEN, we played a show at the Havana in Seattle, Night Riot. Kevin Kaur puts on a hell of an event. Vintage Youth, Jinx Monsoon, Lisa Dank, Dj Riff-Raff and so many more talented people. We met Lisa Dank, we are huge fans and now friends. Google her!!!

Nov 9th at TuBE was 4Lokas with Holla n Oats. Wicked show and we killed IT!!

Nov 14 Dirty Tampon Bingo with Tampon Troupe. Bloody Porno Bingo.

Nov 19th The Miss Thing Pageant. Big Congrats to the winner Sally Ingus Wilder, we following her ass to TrannyShack San Fransisco....

Nov 22nd Original Queer Night at Mississippi Studios.  Magic Mouth played a great set and then .... The death of the Tampons!!! SHOCKING!!!

Nov 27th MILK & HUNNY it was really fun and we made such a splash.

Dec 3rd Homomentum Snowpocolypse - The show was amazing and we had so much fun getting everyone all warmed up!!

(SIGH) Finally, that recap was fucking long okay. I'm glad your still here, I tried to keep it short, but moving on.We promise not to stay away for long and try to update sooner, so the THC doesn't kill those memories before we remember them. For pic and videos check out our youtube and facebook. Fuck this I'm tired........ Here!!!
ChiChi Pussyculo
P.M.S. - Here's the link to the video of our Miss Thing performance that got us 2nd place.....

So, this was half ass, but who the fuck are you calling half ass?!?!?!


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