Here Comes Trouble

What happens when a drunk/feisty/chola and a free-spirited/hippie/stoner chick are friends??? You get a lot of action-packed, fudge-packed, prison-sentencing, dead hooker discovering, girls-gone-wild of a time.
ChiChi Pussyculo and Chonga Bonga pack a punch and a gun, so don't fuck with them.
Kick it and see what develops (on your genitals).

I'm The Green Fairy

Hey guys, it's Jenna,
Do you remember your first job? I was just thinkin' about mine.


I started working in the Ol' Absinthe House when I was about 10 or so, picking up glasses and bringing them to my mother the bartender. I remember finding a glass in the hands of a man who was killed by a prostitute he had pissed off. It glowed an emerald green and whispered my name in that scary movie kinda way. Oh, people always died strangely in NOLA, we just got used to it I guess. My mom told me never to drink it so of course I didn't waste any time before I drank it. Have you ever had Absinthe before? Its very hard to get REAL Absinthe here in the states if you don't know the right people. Needless to say, my mother knew what was up when she caught me running around naked, screaming "I'm the green fairy." She was so furious that to teach me a lesson she sat me down on a bar stool and made me drink an entire bottle to myself... I love my mom.


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