Here Comes Trouble

What happens when a drunk/feisty/chola and a free-spirited/hippie/stoner chick are friends??? You get a lot of action-packed, fudge-packed, prison-sentencing, dead hooker discovering, girls-gone-wild of a time.
ChiChi Pussyculo and Chonga Bonga pack a punch and a gun, so don't fuck with them.
Kick it and see what develops (on your genitals).

Walk Bitch, Walk!!!

Hello Pervs!, it's Jenna
Put your junk down and listen up. We said we'd have the AIDS WALK info ready for you in two weeks but we're bringing it to you a week early!!! It's so easy to get on our team just join, log on, register now and give your obligated $500 donation. Thank you so much for making our team super rich with love and money and don't forget the date is October 18th.

Come meet your favorite doll, have a chat and take a free picture with her. She might even ask you for a ride back to her car because doin this shit in heels ain't funny. Remember, register, donate and



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